Professional Certification (CRCP)

The Certified Revenue Professional (CRCP) Certification is a comprehensive online, proctored, four-hour exam designed for supervisors and managers that covers revenue cycle subject matter including patient access, billing, credit/collections and revenue cycle management. The exam is comprised of true/false and multiple-choice questions.

The exam is comprised of four (4) sections that contain multiple-choice and true/false questions. Examinees must initially sit for all four (4) sections of the exam. Each section is graded separately, and each of the four (4) sections must be passed with a score of 70% or greater in order to earn the certification designation. If one (1) or two (2) sections are failed, a retake of those sections is permitted. If three (3) or more sections are failed, a retake of the entire exam is required.

CRCP Sections                 

  1. Patient Access              
  2. Billing                        
  3. Credit/Collections
  4. Revenue Cycle Management         

CRCP Eligibility

AAHAM professional certification exams are only available to national AAHAM members, in good standing, who have a minimum of either two years of healthcare experience, or a two-year college or university associates degree.

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