Executive Certification (CRCE)

This exam is intended for all senior/executive leaders in the revenue cycle industry, to help equip you for strategic management of the business. This certification possesses the highest level of difficulty combining content knowledge of the business with critical thinking and communication skills. The Executive Revenue Cycle Certification demonstrates a high level of achievement and distinguishes you as a leader and role model in the revenue cycle industry. The certification validates your proficiency and commitment to your profession and can play an integral role in your career strategy. In many instances certification may help you secure the promotion or the job you desire. In the healthcare revenue cycle industry, the Executive Revenue Cycle Certification is comparable to earning a CPA or passing the bar exam. Passing the CRCE designates a mastery of the art of revenue cycle management.

The Executive Certification is a comprehensive online, proctored, eight (8) hour exam covering focused revenue cycle subject matter that includes patient access, billing, credit/collections and revenue cycle management. The exam is comprised of multiple-choice, true/false, fill in the blank, short answer, essay and quantitative questions.

Sections included in the CRCE exams include:             

  1. Patient Access                    
  2. Billing                   
  3. Credit/Collections
  4. Revenue Cycle Management         

CRCE Eligibility

AAHAM executive certification exams are only available to national AAHAM members, in good standing, who have a minimum of either four years of healthcare experience, or two years of healthcare experience and a two-year college or university associates degree.

National Certification Web Page: http://www.aaham.org/Certification.aspx