Certified Revenue Integrity Specialist (CRIP)

The Certified Revenue Integrity Professional (CRIP) exam is intended for anyone in the revenue cycle industry to help ensure that facilities effectively manage their charge master, and bill and document appropriately for all services rendered to a patient. This certification requires an in-depth, working knowledge of various revenue cycle areas and proper skill sets needed to increase revenue and reimbursement for facilities. It also ensures that proper charging takes place to maintain compliance within the insurance payer programs.

The exam is comprised of four (4) sections that contain multiple-choice and true/false questions. Examinees must initially sit for all four (4) sections of the exam. Each section is graded separately, and each of the four (4) sections must be passed with a score of 70% or greater in order to earn the certification designation. If one (1) or two (2) sections are failed, a retake of those sections is permitted. If three (3) or more sections are failed, a retake of the entire exam is required.

CRIP Sections

  1. Overall Review of Charge Capture
  2. Ancillary Services
  3. Surgical Services and Procedures
  4. Recurring Outpatients and Clinical Services

CRIP Eligibility

The CRIP exam is only available to national AAHAM members, in good standing.

National Certification Web Page: http://www.aaham.org/Certification.aspx