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Acclara Solutions

Acclara Solutions is a revenue cycle management firm that helps hospitals, health systems, and physician practices recover more revenue more quickly with services for Patient Financial Responsibility, Insurance Reimbursement, and Conversion Assistance.  By achieving outstanding financial results and minimizing claims denials, hospitals and health systems are able to reinvest revenue into their patient care.


Arcadia Recovery Bureau

Since 1973, Arcadia Recovery Bureau has been providing accounts receivable management solutions to organizations seeking to bridge the gap between services rendered and payments received. Backed by the strength of our private equity investors and management, we process and manage nearly $1 billion in placements annually, ensuring maximum recoveries, providing robust reporting, and improving services to our clients’ customers and patients.

Financial Recoveries 

A Full Service Accounts Receivable Solutions & Management Company. Since 1985 business partners ranging in size from small business owners to utilities, banks, universities and multi-hospital health systems have utilized Financial Recoveries’ blend of the latest technology and highly experienced and motivated staff to help them improve their bottom line. The success of Financial Recoveries is attributable to client satisfaction; its record of client retention far exceeding the industry average. This low client turnover is testimony to the importance that Financial Recoveries places on all of its business partners, regardless of size.





offers healthcare providers with services for receivable management. We understand the financial burdens placed on the healthcare industry to receive reimbursement for treating of uninsured patients. Our programs work with providers, to cost effectively obtain, compensation for patient care.Our services include Medicaid, Medical assistance eligibility, billing, and Charity care programs.

Physician and Tactical Healthcare Services, LLC (PATHS)

was formed to provide solutions for receivable management in the Healthcare Industry. Our business is supported by a vast network of technically proficient professionals providing us with significant depth in handling the myriad of potential issues facing our clients. The company offers a broad range of services, including billing, Medical Assistance eligibility and receivable solutions for hospitals, independent and hospital-based multi-specialty practices, nursing homes, behavioral health facilities, and a variety of consultative services to assist the needs of our healthcare clients.

Penn Credit

is a leading provider of accounts receivable management services to healthcare providers throughout the United States. Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Harrisburg, PA, we use the latest technology and highest ethical standards to earn an unsurpassed reputation for attaining optimum results and a superior level of service for our clients. Our services include primary/secondary bad debt collection as well as extended business office services (EBO) through our Penn Billing outsourcing division.


Receivable Recovery Solutions

is a provider of healthcare revenue cycle management services designed to accelerate cash collections and simplify the business of healthcare. We leverage the experience of our technology and billing professionals, delivering the people and systems proven to maximize your existing revenue cycle and technology investment.Our products and services integrate key functions of the complex healthcare revenue cycle, allowing providers to improve business outcomes with the people, systems, and processes they have today

Tabas & Rosen, P.C.

is a boutique law firm specializing in the representation of hospitals and physicians. Founded by Allan M. Tabas, Tabas & Rosen has been a leader in medical debt collection for decades. With offices in Philadelphia and Haddonfield, Tabas & Rosen possesses a unique set of skills that enables it to efficiently maximize recoveries from patients and third party payers. From garden variety self-pay accounts to complex, high dollar insurance disputes, Tabas & Rosen gives your business office the legal edge.