Specialist Certification (CRCS)

This exam is intended for revenue cycle staff with responsibilities in patient access, billing, account resolution, denial management, collections, cash posting, customer service, and self-pay collections. The exam focuses on knowledge required in revenue cycle functional areas including registration (front desk), billing, and credit & collections. Although Specialist Certification is not a pre-requisite for Professional level certification, it is designed as a rung on the AAHAM certification ladder to the Professional certification for those interested in pursuing the next level in their career path.

The CRCS is a two (2) hour, online, proctored exam that requires working knowledge within focused areas of the revenue cycle, including relevant regulations and acronyms, and are comprised of three multiple choice sections. Examinees must initially sit for all three (3) sections, which contain questions in a multiple choice format. Each section of the CRCS exam is graded separately and all three (3) sections must be passed with a score of 70% or greater in order to earn the CRCS certification. If only one (1) section is failed, a retake of that section is permitted. If more than one (1) section is failed, a retake of the full exam  is required.

CRCS Sections                

  1. Patient Access              
  2. Billing                        
  3. Credit & Collections    

CRCS Eligibility

The CRCS exam is available to staff involved in the management of patient accounts. Membership in AAHAM is not a requirement, although it is encouraged. One-year employment in the healthcare revenue cycle is recommended to successfully complete the exam.

National Certification Web Page: http://www.aaham.org/Certification.aspx